Quickfire Usability Testing

Quickfire Usability Testing

How it works

After getting to know you and your website or app, we will design an online task-based usability test which you can invite up to five people to complete.

The usability test can be completed online, allowing people to take part at a time that suits them. It is unmoderated and recorded which means we can review their actions and capture their feedback.

During the test, people will be asked to complete up to five tasks which represent the focus areas of your product or service, and prompted to ‘think aloud’, and talk about what they are thinking as they complete each task.

We will then analyse the results and provide you with key insights and actionable recommendations.


What you’ll get

A report which outlines an analysis of how people completed the tasks and the feedback they provided, key insights and recommendations for usability improvements.


Price: $1,250* (excl. GST)

*Price does not include participant recruitment. If required, this can be quoted in addition. You will be invoiced at project commencement with payment due in full within 7 days.

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