Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics is an Australian green tech startup, established in 2014. They deliver real-time solar and home energy monitoring through a hardware device, installed in the meter board and cloud based companion app – the ‘Solar Analytics Dashboard’.

Kickstand were engaged to redesign the dashboard from the ground up utilising a customer centred design process – seeking feedback from customers and iterating of that feedback.

The usability and visual design of the Solar Analytics Dashboard helped contribute to the 10x growth the business saw each year, over the 2 years following launch.

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Green Tech


January 2018


Customer Research, UX, UI, Protoype, User Testing

“Perhaps the greatest benefit of Kickstand has been the outstanding integration, with their professional and personable manner helping spread their mastery of user-centric research and design thinking throughout our organisation.”

Jonathon Dore

Head of Data Analytics, Solar Analytics