Life Street Employee Assistance App

Life Street

Jul 20, 2020

Life Street’s purpose is to support employee wellbeing and mental health through their unique, highly engaging, employer-hosted programs. They engaged Kickstand in 2020 to work on the latest in a suite of apps they offer. 

While all of Lifestreet’s programs have the core elements of ‘traditional’ Employee Assistance Programs and Wellbeing Programs such as counselling, manager support, wellbeing promotion and training, they needed to be delivered in an engaging and flexible way, catering to each employee’s individual needs. 

Our task was to bring these programs to life, combining best-practice UX processes and visually appealing designs with the goal of better employee engagement. Improving the app’s usability helped to motivate employees not only to complete the programs, but to find more benefits from the rich content that Lifestreet provides.

“Kickstand designed a better layout and flow for one of our apps.

We love working with Amanda and Sophie – they get it and get it done!”

Paul Flanagan
Life Street