bCode Website and Time and Motion Study


Jun 16, 2018

bCODE created a code, delivered to any phone (smartphone or feature phone) which allows users to make purchases and accrue loyalty points simultaneously.

The team were keen to improve scan times and usability of the hardware scanner they had developed. Kickstand conducted a Time & Motion Study, recruiting users and timing their interactions with the scanner as well as gathering their feedback.

We were able to make incremental design changes during the course of the study which had a big impact on usability without having to go back to the drawing board or invest in a lengthy and expensive hardware redesign process. The improved scan times also helped bCode in securing their next round of funding.

Kickstand were also engaged to write content and create a customer-facing website as well as a Knowledge Base for use by the internal technical team.

“The team at Kickstand Design have brought professionalism and clarity to all of the projects we have worked on. Their ability to facilitate workshops, engage team members and conduct independent research has brought a fresh perspective to our product development.

Kickstand Design has been kicking goals for us since their very first project and we continue to use them on a regular basis.”

Sean Edmiston
CTO, bCode

“Kickstand have helped us to understand how customers use our scanner. The iterative process they introduced identified several areas we could work on and kept showing incremental improvements with tried and tested solutions – refining the user experience by making our scanner more intuitive.

Working with Kickstand has been a pleasure. They have provided invaluable data as well as clever and creative solutions.”

James Khalil
System, bCode