Still in the conceptual stage, Tank is envisaged as a kind of anti-burnout system, to help people reclaim time to rest and recover, and use their time intentionally.

Founder, Helen knew from her early research that it doesn’t fit neatly into an existing app category: it is neither a scheduling app, a productivity app, nor a wellbeing app, rather it contained aspects of all of these but it also offers something different.

Coming to Kickstand at the very beginning of their startup journey, Tank entrusted us to create for them a new brand and MVP app design.

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“Sophie and Amanda were a joy to work with. It was clear from day one that they understood the problem we'd set out to address, and how a really beautiful app could play a role in solving it. We found the Kickstand process to be a great balance between lean and deeply creative - just structured enough to cover critical elements, while making plenty of room to respond to new information and iterate where it mattered. In under two months, the team converted the world's ugliest prototype to a truly distinctive design that we are confident we can build. We can't wait to see it go live.”
Helen Lawson-Williams
Founder, Tank