With 20+ years each in digital product design

We follow a proven methodology to ensure your project’s success.

When you have an idea or something you know needs fixing. You’re ready to discover. Kickstand has a toolkit of services to help you focus your digital development.

  • user experience audit

  • usability testing

  • competitor benchmarking

  • surveys

  • customer interviews

  • ideas workshops

When you know what you want and need a plan of attack. You’re ready to define. Kickstand can ensure your project’s success through these exercises.

  • user personas

  • user stories

  • journey mapping

  • information architecture

  • copywriting

  • design strategy

When you want to bring your digital experience to life. You’re ready to design. Kickstand will create a beautiful and usable digital design for your problem.

  • visual design

  • user experience

  • web design

  • prototyping

  • brand identity

  • co-design sessions