We help businesses discover where to focus their digital development. We will speak to your customers, test out ideas with them, dive into your data and compare what others in your space are doing.

Discover your strategic focus with Kickstand.

exploratory user interviews

In the early phases of a project it is always enlightening to spend time understanding customer’s needs and concerns about a new concept. We structure interviews either with your real-life customers, or people who look just like them.

In this way we can uncover sources of possible friction or even inspiration.

comparative review

Comparing your product against its biggest competitors is a great way to understand where opportunity lies. We compare how real people similar to your customer feel about your product vs the competition.

Gain insights on the features and functions that platforms in your space have designed for their users, and what you can do better!

usability testing

Usability testing involves formally observing people using your product or prototype to complete set tasks. Where are they struggling? What are they missing? What do they need to get their job done? We ask them to think out loud as they go to uncover their perceptions of the experience.

This kind of testing allows you to learn quickly and optimise accordingly.


A survey is a useful tool for customer feedback and provides a quick way of gathering data from a relatively large number of people. Surveys can be a useful way to recruit participants for more in-depth research activities.

Kickstand can run targeted surveys to quickly get to the crux of the issue.

customer interviews

In-depth interviews are effective for exploring motivations and needs in greater depth than a survey or usability test allows. This activity is designed to explore reasons behind customer behaviour to understand needs, motivations and value perceptions in detail.

This type of testing is perfect when you really need to drill in to an issue.


You and your team are the experts in your field. Through structured workshops, Kickstand can ensure that your knowledge is captured and made visible, ensuring all voices are heard.

Workshops are a great way for everyone in your team to align in their goals. Kickstand can facilitate team workshops for a number of purposes depending on your needs.

When you have an idea or something you know needs fixing. You’re ready to discover.