When you know who your customers are and what they want it’s time to make it happen. Kickstand will create a beautiful and intuitive design experience for you.

Design the best possible solution with Kickstand.

visual design

In order for people to engage with your product or service, it needs to be visually enticing. Interface design, data visualisation and branding all contribute to the impression you leave.

Kickstand take a customer-centred design approach to visual design, creating something which not only looks good but functions intuitively.

user experience

User Experience or “UX” refers to the art of crafting an experience that truly meets the purpose it is serving and the audience. With decades of experience in best-practice UX design, we will create something that does what it needs to – elegantly. 

Ensure you are meeting your customer’s needs through great user experience.

web design

Your website is often your first opportunity to make an impression on your potential customers.

Through a customer-centered design approach, Kickstand can design a website that truly delivers on your, and your customer’s expectations.

Make a great first impression with your website.


A digital prototype consists of a high-fidelity clickable mockup with an end result that is realistic enough to test with customers. A dummy, if you like, that could almost be the real thing Before you jump head first into development why not test your idea first with a prototype?

Save time, by validating product ideas before moving into a potentially costly build.

brand identity

Your brand identity goes far beyond a name or logo. It is a representation of everything that your company stands for and aspires to. Working closely with your team, Kickstand will clarify the company values and vision in order to communicate your brand identity to your customers.

Show who you really are through your brand identity.

co-design sessions

You are the experts in your own business. Harness the energy and experience of your internal team with co-design sessions. Hosted in a roll-up-your-sleeves workshop format, these sessions seek to further engage and draw from the team to in order to spark inspiraton and develop design ideas.

Get the most out of your internal expertise through co-design sessions.

When you want to bring your digital experience to life. You’re ready to design.