Every great project starts with an idea, but to get to a solution you need to define where you’re going. Kickstand can help create a plan of attack based on proven methodologies to ensure your project succeeds.

Define what to do next with Kickstand.

user personas

Are you the target market for your own product? If not, then who is? Creating a user persona is a great way to solidify who you are actually designing for. What does your target customer look like? What are their needs and pain points? Answering these questions provides us with a clear view of those whose needs must come first.

Understand who you are designing for with user personas.

user stories

A user story is a short description of a single product feature told from the perspective of your customer to illustrate its value.

We create a list of user stories covering every feature possible in your product in order to then prioritise which are most critical from the customer’s perspective.

Clarify your project’s priorities with user stories.

journey mapping

Creating a journey map is a wonderful way to understand your business or product from your customer’s perspective. We create a visual representation of the process your customer goes through in chronological order to achieve their goal. We can map the good and the bad in order to then optimise the experience for them.

Step into your customer’s shoes with a journey mapping.

information architecture

The way your app or website is structured can be a critical factor in whether a customer finds what they need. Through data analysis, user feedback, and our proven methodologies Kickstand will provide you with the optimal framework for success both now, and into the future.

Get the foundations right with a solid information architecture.


Language is important. Your customers need to understand the value your company and/or its product has to offer.

Kickstand can help craft your tone of voice, and written content along with your visual and functional representation.

Allow us to translate your company’s value into a succinct and representative message.

design strategy

We combine research insights, design expertise and our extensive knowledge of people, devices, platforms and capabilities to produce design strategies that create more consistent, memorable, and valuable product offerings.

When there are many possible roads to choose from, Kickstand can provide you with laser focus.

When you know what you want and need a plan of attack. You’re ready to define.