Establishing the Design Direction

brand identity
design strategy
web design

The team at Tank engaged Kickstand to design their minimum viable product, or MVP, app. Tank was just starting out, so we began by designing the product brand to set the tone for the app before diving into interface design.

The brand design reflects the vision for Tank, a safe space where people are able to carve out time for themselves. The logo and assets we created evoke a feeling of structure and sense of place.

The bespoke typography crafted for the logo drew upon the motif of basic shapes: circle, square, triangle, arch which were used throughout the accompanying imagery and website concept designs.

We kept colours muted and calm so as not to overwhelm Tank’s customers as we were mindful that users of this app may already feel stressed. The logo and colour palette were received positively by all participants during design testing who felt it represented Tank’s brand values well.

“Sophie and Amanda were a joy to work with. It was clear from day one that they understood the problem we'd set out to address, and how a really beautiful app could play a role in solving it. We found the Kickstand process to be a great balance between lean and deeply creative - just structured enough to cover critical elements, while making plenty of room to respond to new information and iterate where it mattered. In under two months, the team converted the world's ugliest prototype to a truly distinctive design that we are confident we can build. We can't wait to see it go live.”
Helen Lawson-Williams
Founder, Tank