Design, Test, and Learn

customer research
visual design

We followed our design, test and learn methodology to design Tank's MVP prototype. Testing with users during the design phase is lean. We do just enough testing to ensure that design concepts effectively support user needs before the app goes into development.

The insights derived from testing helped to shape founder Helen’s thinking about what Tank should be, a guide more than a manual, supporting users to focus on making time for intentions and building habits.

Through interactive visualisations, users are encouraged to complete their Intention and be mindful of not over-scheduling their time. Upon weekly review, they are shown how their week progressed and, through machine learning offered insights on patterns of behaviour they may not be aware of.

“Sophie and Amanda were a joy to work with. It was clear from day one that they understood the problem we'd set out to address, and how a really beautiful app could play a role in solving it. We found the Kickstand process to be a great balance between lean and deeply creative - just structured enough to cover critical elements, while making plenty of room to respond to new information and iterate where it mattered. In under two months, the team converted the world's ugliest prototype to a truly distinctive design that we are confident we can build. We can't wait to see it go live.”
Helen Lawson-Williams
Founder, Tank