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customer research

Our research for Australian green tech startup Solar Analytics, focused on exploring consumer perceptions around Shared Solar, a conceptual peer-to-peer energy trading platform geared towards maximising access to rooftop solar and reducing electricity costs.

The objective was to learn whether Australian solar-producing households showed interest in the concept of sharing solar, specifically with other households or organisations, as opposed to heir energy retailer. We also explored whether non-solar producing households were open to consuming excess solar from solar households rather than from their electricity retailer.

Through quantitative and qualitative research conducted with more than 740 households we sought to understand what motivates interest and whether it is enough for homeowners to switch electricity providers and/or retail energy plans to take advantage of Shared Solar.

A survey provided a high-level understanding of the interest in trading solar. These results informed in-depth interviews providing a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations of homeowners in terms of trading solar energy. Research insights informed a Shared Solar Pilot connecting a community through a shared electricity trading platform.

“Perhaps the greatest benefit of Kickstand has been the outstanding integration, with their professional and personable manner helping spread their mastery of user-centric research and design thinking throughout our organisation.”
Jonathon Dore
Head of Data Analytics, Solar Analytics