Research Led Design

customer research
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Along with a larger design piece, Kickstand developed a customer research program for this green tech startup. We collated and synthesised feedback from customer service channels, surveys, and in depth interviews in research tool Dovetail which was continually used to inform design and product development.

Prior to this the company stored and communicated research data in multiple ways - some in Slack, some in email, some in spreadsheets. This made it difficult for researchers and the teams they supported to quickly gather a holistic picture of what was happening within customer experience. 

Having these collaborative analysis capabilities often even eliminated the need for time-intensive formal research reports: teams collectively reviewing findings on the platform during standup meetings and allowing them move forward with confidence.

“Perhaps the greatest benefit of Kickstand has been the outstanding integration, with their professional and personable manner helping spread their mastery of user-centric research and design thinking throughout our organisation.”
Jonathon Dore
Head of Data Analytics, Solar Analytics