UX Audit

user experience audit
user experience design

Keywell is an app designed to support carers of children with neurodevelopmental conditions to log, track, monitor and analyse patterns of both challenging and positive behaviour to understand how these might be affected by specific activities and medications.

Keywell founder, Diana, engaged Kickstand to design the Keywell brand and to design a minimum viable product, or MVP.  Di had already created a wireframe prototype to illustrate the key concepts she wanted to explore through the design of her MVP. Prior to starting brand and visual design, Kickstand undertook a UX Audit of the wireframe prototype to identify any potential usability issues.

During a UX audit, we assess an app, or website or platform, against a set of recognised usability principles. By reviewing each core functional area against a heuristics framework based on situational awareness and cognitive theory, we are able to identify critical usability concerns providing recommendations for addressing these. This is a valuable activity which informs improvements prior to investment into design and usability testing.

The insights derived from the UX Audit informed a revised app information architecture which significantly improved the user experience of the MVP.

“Kickstand was instrumental in helping move Keywell from an idea in my head to a working prototype that we could test with users. Having the combined power of Sophie behind the user research and Amanda’s creative vision, we were able to move through the process in an agile manner. Thanks Kickstand!”
Diana Silva
Founder, Keywell