Identifying Key User Needs

customer research

The Keywell app is designed primarily for carers of children with neurodevelopmental conditions. It allows them to log, track, monitor patterns of behaviour - both positive and challenging - in order to analyse how these might be affected by specific activities and medications.

Kickstand was engaged by Keywell founder, Diana, early on in her startup journey, when it became critical to identify the features that would deliver maximum benefit to carers and children, in order to inform the first version of the app, the minimum viable product (MVP).

We started this research by gathering data from carers of children with suspected neurodevelopmental conditions, such as ADHD. Through a survey designed to identify common needs for this target group we were able to design future research to explore these.

The survey data guided a series of facilitated interviews with parents and children with confirmed diagnoses. During these in-depth guided conversations, we explored the varied challenges that theses families experience, identifying ways in which the Keywell app might best support them.

The insights gathered through this phase of early research enabled Keywell to focus app priorities for design and development of an MVP which launched to market in 2022.

“Kickstand was instrumental in helping move Keywell from an idea in my head to a working prototype that we could test with users. Having the combined power of Sophie behind the user research and Amanda’s creative vision, we were able to move through the process in an agile manner. Thanks Kickstand!”
Diana Silva
Founder, Keywell