High Fidelity Prototype Design

visual design
design system

Based on the new brand we designed for Keywell, and armed with the insights generated by our research to identify key user needs, we produced a high fidelity visual design and an accompanying design system for Keywell's MVP app.

This type of design work consists of crafting critical user flows in detail with clickable interactions built into a clickable Figma prototype.

This prototype, along with a functional specification documentation meant that Keywell was able to brief their development team on the features, functions and visual design that the founder wanted to build for their MVP app. The design system not only supports the initial build, but provides a framework for designing new app features and functionality down the track.

“Kickstand was instrumental in helping move Keywell from an idea in my head to a working prototype that we could test with users. Having the combined power of Sophie behind the user research and Amanda’s creative vision, we were able to move through the process in an agile manner. Thanks Kickstand!”
Diana Silva
Founder, Keywell