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bCODE created a code, deliverable to any smartphone or feature phone, which allows you to make purchases and accrue loyalty points simultaneously.

It not only utilised a new type of scanning technology and behaviour, but it introduced a new way to manage payments and rewards to support purchasing behaviour.

Kickstand conducted a series of research sessions with a small number of recruited research participants to establish a baseline understanding of how people respond to the bCODE and their experience of using the bCODE to complete a payment plus loyalty transaction.

We created a physical point of sale experience and invited participants to ‘make purchases’ in the ‘shop’ using a bCODE whilst prompting them to ‘think aloud’ so describing their actions and response to the experience.

This research enabled us to explore how people might use the product, and why people might use it in specific ways, as well as to explore the emotional response to the experience.

The insights gathered from this study provided bCODE an indication of how people used the bCODE, and the challenges the new technology introduced. It also provided a platform to understand in more detail how the needs of potential customers varied.

This data was used to map out product-market fit, inform marketing activities, and support the planning and prioritisation of the product roadmap.

"The team at Kickstand Design have brought professionalism and clarity to all of the projects we have worked on. Their ability to facilitate workshops, engage team members and conduct independent research has brought a fresh perspective to our product development. Kickstand Design has been kicking goals for us since their very first project and we continue to use them on a regular basis.”
Sean Edmiston
CTO, bCode