Understanding the Market Opportunity

competitor benchmarking
secondary research

bCODE created a code, delivered to any smartphone or feature phone, which allows you to make purchases and accrue loyalty points simultaneously.

It utilises a new type of scanning technology and behaviour, as well as introducing a new way to manage payments and rewards to support purchasing behaviour. As a result of the hybrid nature of the bCODE, there are many potential applications for this new technology.

The team recognised the need to focus on key areas of opportunity in the early stages of their product rollout and engaged Kickstand to conduct secondary research to investigate global mobile payment trends and solutions operating in market.

Our secondary research explored payment technologies in the Asian, US and Australian markets, considering user adoption rates, limitations, barriers to upgrade, and perceived customer value.

We focused on how solutions improved the payment transaction process, and approach combining payment and loyalty transactions.

The results from this desk research provided the bCode team with broad and deep market insights, as well as recommendations for key areas of opportunity in market.

"The team at Kickstand Design have brought professionalism and clarity to all of the projects we have worked on. Their ability to facilitate workshops, engage team members and conduct independent research has brought a fresh perspective to our product development. Kickstand Design has been kicking goals for us since their very first project and we continue to use them on a regular basis.”
Sean Edmiston
CTO, bCode