Time & Motion Study

customer research
user experience design
usability testing

Global transaction and software solution bCODE created a code, delivered to any smartphone device which allows you to make purchases and accrue loyalty points simultaneously.

The team were keen to improve the usability of the hardware scanner, specifically to decrease the time it took to scan the bCode successfully.

Kickstand conducted a Time & Motion Study to measure the time it took people to successfully scan the bCODE using their personal device and gathering their feedback on the scanning experience.

This testing identified opportunities to adjust the scanning hardware to make it easier and faster for people to scan the bCODE, as well as working with the engineers to adjust the scanning software to improve processing speeds.

Repeated testing measured adjustments to ensure scan times were improved. This approach allowed us to significantly improve scan times and usability without the need for bCODE to invest in a lengthy and expensive hardware redesign process.

"The team at Kickstand Design have brought professionalism and clarity to all of the projects we have worked on. Their ability to facilitate workshops, engage team members and conduct independent research has brought a fresh perspective to our product development. Kickstand Design has been kicking goals for us since their very first project and we continue to use them on a regular basis.”
Sean Edmiston
CTO, bCode