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Kickstand were engaged to create the company’s first native app which combines the functional trading aspect of Axi’s service with a cutting-edge trade analytics platform. While the stakeholder team for this project was small, the greater business had a number of interested parties who could not commit to the project meetings but we still keen to understand the work we were doing.

In order to keep this wider group engaged and updated Kickstand created a secure Project Portal. Within this portal we shared project goals, customer personas, summaries of each round of research and links to an archive clickable prototypes. This meant that any person with security permissions could log in to the Project Portal at any time to see what we'd been doing and where the project currently sat.

We received great feedback from the wider business enjoyed feeling like part of the project without having to dive into the day-to-day work. Visitors to the project portal were also able to feedback to the project team the things that they were keen to explore further, giving us access to a much wider pool of experts and stakeholders valuable insights and suggestions.

“Kickstand was an integral part of the team at Axi, not an agency or contractors, but key members who helped shape every step and decision of the product design journey and outcomes. They established our framework for design prototyping, recruiting, and testing with end users, translating observations and feedback into learnings and clear insights that supported the decision-making process. Kickstand absorbs themselves into knowing the customer problems, and the market we play in, considering the constraints within the business with design solutions that we can launch and learn with. They wear the hat of many, not just in research, design, and user experience, but understand product and product management, and the development processes, and adapted to suit the needs of Axi. They will always be my personal first choice in any initiative I will work on in the future."
Rod Tobin
Head of Product, Axi