Creating a Design System

visual design
design system

Kickstand were engaged in 2019 to reskin the existing dashboard tool in order to improve the visual representation of their existing product, the 3D Safety Dashboard.

While the dashboard was functional, and popular - they had many high profile customers - the team felt the exisiting design did not reflect the sophistication and maturity of the company.

So, with realistic development timelines in mind we developed a design system which would serve to reskin the visual design of the 3D Safety Dashboard and leave the development team with an accurate Figma resource from which to build.

The design system included a symbols library, all colours, fonts, iconography and component based interface elements. 

We also designed six key template from the dashboard reflecting its most critical features along with any customer experience “quick wins” we could achieve along the way to improve usability.

The 3D Safety development team were then able to implement design across all screens in the platform using the key templates and design system to inform the build.

“Through careful and considered collaboration, Kickstand absolutely nailed our brief. Their attention to detail and fresh ideas gave our product just what it needed to take it to the next level. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you Amanda and Sophie!”
Andrew Paine
Product Owner, 3D Safety