Founded in April 2018, our goal is to create meaningful change through the powerful combination of research, user experience (UX) and visual design. Taking a user-centred approach to design, we inform and support development by putting your product in front of users, working out pain points and crafting design solutions that serve both your customers’ and your business needs.

Working with Kickstand means working with directors Sophie Ellis and Amanda Palmas, a dedicated team with decades of experience in digital product design across multiple industry sectors from startups to enterprise-scale corporates.

Amanda Palmas

Hi! I’m a Senior Visual Designer/Art Director with over 20 years of experience across a wide cross-section of creative disciplines.

In Kindergarten I was asked to design the cover of the school newsletter, my first commission! From that moment I began my lifelong love affair with design.

Since then I’ve worked with some of Australia’s largest media companies, startups and in a freelance capacity. I consider myself versatile, passionate, reliable and still get the same buzz out of creating beautiful designs as I did back when I was six.

My main focus lies in digital design from web to mobile apps and wearables, interface design and data visualisation. I also enjoy graphic design work in the form of branding and corporate identity, print design and packaging.

For me, a human-centred approach to my work is essential. Listening to user’s needs informs the creative design process and ensures the work I do is not only visually appealing but also usable and useful.

“Amanda and I have worked on a broad range of projects covering editorial, commercial and innovation. Her design work is effective and surprising, her process is thorough and professional. Amanda has gained a well deserved reputation for bringing not only best-in-breed design and creative energy that lifts the project, but also a positive spirit that empowers the team.”

Martin Egan

Product Owner , Newscorp

Sophie Ellis

If you were to ask my mum, she’d be the first to tell you that I was that annoying child who continually asked ‘Why?’.

Watching and talking to people about what they do and why they do it continues to fascinate me.

Starting out my working life as a Digital Producer over 22 years ago, I now specialise in designing research to answer questions: whether it be about exploring new ideas, to testing and validating existing products. I bring together strategic and tactical research with information architecture and content design, human-centred UX design and functional definition to create products that work.

In this ever-changing technical landscape we face, it’s so important that we remember who is going to be using that tech and what they need to use it for. Humans are a fickle bunch, always changing their minds, and never making logical decisions. They’re a tough crowd to please, but they are what I love most about the work I do.

“Sophie has this superhuman ability to turn around well thought through user experience solutions with incredible attention to detail as well as speed, without compromise. She had a great sense of humour, compassion and empathy that is essential to any top notch UX professional.”

Scott Maywood-Bryant

Principal UX Researcher, ANZ

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