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 what we do.

customer research

Knowing what your customers want is the starting point for a great solution. We take a “just enough” approach to research in order to learn quickly and inform product design improvements.

user experience

User Experience or “UX” refers to the creation of something that does what it needs to elegantly. Crafting an experience that truly meets the purpose it is serving, and the audience.

visual design

In order for people to engage with your product or service, it needs to be visually enticing. Interface design, data visualisation and branding all contribute to the impression you leave.


Before you jump head first into development why not test your idea first with a prototype? Save time, by validating product ideas before moving into a potentially costly build.

usability testing

How are your customers using your product? Do you know their pain points or the things they enjoy? Usability testing can uncover the answer to these questions and more.


Language is important, your customers need to understand the value your product offers. Kickstand can help craft your written message along with your visual and functional respresentation.

what clients say.

Kickstand was instrumental in helping move Keywell from an idea in my head to a working prototype that we could test with users.

Having the combined power of Sophie behind the user research and Amanda’s creative vision, we were able to move through the process in an agile manner. Thanks Kickstand!

Diana Silva
Founder, Keywell

what clients say.

“The solutions provided by Kickstand have been invaluable in transforming Solar Analytics into an international brand that continues to grow.”

John Laird
CTO & Co-founder, Solar Analytics

what clients say.

“Through careful and considered collaboration, Kickstand absolutely nailed our brief.

Their attention to detail and fresh ideas gave our product just what it needed to take it to the next level. We couldn’t be happier. “

Andrew Paine
Product Owner, 3D Safety

where to start.

Do you have a great idea but aren’t sure what to do next? A half-day Ideas Workshop is a great first step for founders to clarify thinking and next steps.