Getting To Know Your Customer

Solar Analytics is an Australian green tech startup, established in 2014. They deliver real-time solar and home energy monitoring through a hardware device, installed in the meter board and cloud based companion app – the ‘Solar Analytics Dashboard’.

With a small but brilliant team of engineers and developers behind it, the technology powering the app was sorted. The real challenge was, “How do we get people to love this product? How do we get them to change their energy behaviour and make the most out of their solar?”

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Taking A Step Back In Order To Move Faster

Our client is a startup that has developed a unique mobile scanning technology which can be used to deliver and authenticate tickets, coupons, loyalty identities and payment credentials to any type of mobile device, including feature phones.

With a highly mobile, international team and a complex product that is rapidly gaining market traction, they had a problem… When there are a few people in your business who know EVERYTHING and you’re growing EVERY DAY, how do you onboard staff, customers and users onto a product is evolving at lightning speed?

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Reducing Risk Through Prototyping

Prospection are a health insights startup working within the Cicada Innovations MedLab incubator program in Sydney.

Their signature product, PharmDash, has already seen great success in the pharmaceutical space, signing up over 50 healthcare clients including government agencies, pharma and device manufacturers, hospitals, researchers and clinicians, patient and disease support organisations.

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Shining a light on behavioural change

The Light Shifting Display is a low-resolution lighting display that can present real-time data through an ambient lamp. The prototype, created by Marius Hoggenmüller and Alexander Wiethoff features a discrete and continuous display mode to support a wide range of visual representations designed to explore the boundaries between data display and luminaire design.

During Marius Hoggenmüller’s time as visiting scholar of the Sydney University Design Lab (headed by Martin Tomitsch), Kickstand facilitated a collaboration between the university and green tech startup Solar Analytics. The goal of this study was to observe the behavioural effects the Light Shifting Display might have on solar owners.

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Regular Testing For Incremental Improvement

Our client had created a code, delivered to any phone (smartphone or feature phone) which allows you to make purchases and accrue loyalty points simultaneously. No more scanning two different cards at the checkout.

It’s a really cool technology created by a really cool team.

But taking on phone scanning is a big deal, and requires options for hardware. The team had already created the phone scanner when Kickstand came on board. But if they wanted to make improvements to the scanning process so that is was faster, easier, cooler, where would they begin?

By asking the users of course!

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